A Shocking Revelation by Djoković: It’s Still Questionable Whether He’ll Play at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics


The 16-time Grand Slam champion and an Olympic bronze medalist Novak Djoković has pointed out that there is a possibility that he won’t participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

For example, Roger Federer didn’t perform in Rio. Our season is very long and crowded. I will have to be 100% healthy, and my performance at the Olympics will depend on the results at Wimbledon, schedule, and family commitments, said Djoković in an interview. 

Interestingly, he stated this only two days after his triumph in Tokyo. He played this tournament to familiarize himself with the conditions here before the Olympics. Whether something happened during his time here remains to be seen. 

He added that he would want to be on his A-game in the upcoming Olympics. 

Last time, I was injured and out of shape. I’d love to make it to the finals, to go one step further than in Beijing. I will go for the gold medal. It really is a special feeling to represent your country at such a historically significant event, said Djoković. 

Still, this is probably just a precautionary statement by the 32-year old Serb. We would be devastated to hear that something unpredictable happened, like an injury, to one of the greatest players of all time, and thus break his dreams of winning one of the few titles that remain in his trophy cabinet. 

To remind, Djoković won the tournament in Tokyo on the courts, which will be used for the Olympic Games that take place in 2020.