Colchester Shocks Tottenham in EFL Cup Third Round


We are used to seeing upsets in England’s cup competitions, but rarely can we witness a four-tier team getting the better of a Premier League title contender.

This is precisely what happened on Tuesday night as Colchester presented us with a shocking victory over Tottenham in the best-of-32 ELF Cup duel.

You can argue that this competition doesn’t mean much to a Premier League team. However, Pochettino did have some of his best players out there and subbed in Lamela, Eriksen, and Son in the second half.

However, none of them were enough to push Tottenham to the win. While the Spurs were by far more dominant team on the pitch, they weren’t able to find the back of the net for a full 90 minutes. After the final whistle, the result was 0–0.

Of course, as EFL Cup rules state, there is no overtime when the teams draw, so we immediately went to the penalty shootout.

Tottenham was to shoot first, but Eriksen missed. Norris scored for Colchester and Alli managed to equalise. After Nouble and Lamela found the back of the net, the score was 2–2.

Brown missed for the home team, and Son gave Tottenham the lead. Cowan-Hall’s shot was on point, so the pressure was on Lucas to give his team the lead, but he couldn’t do it.

Finally, Lapslie scored for the home squad, and the 10,000 fans on Colchester Community Stadium could begin to celebrate.

This was yet another disappointing performance by Tottenham after the loss to Leicester on Saturday because they fell behind in the Premier League title race. For Colchester United, this was a historic victory, and they will continue being the lowest-ranked team in the Cup.

Tuesday Results

Crawley – Stoke 1–1 (5–3 on penalties)

Luton – Leicester 0–4

Portsmouth – Southampton 0–4

Preston – Manchester City 0–3

Sheffield Wednesday – Everton 0–2

Watford – Swansea 2–1

Arsenal – Nottingham Forest 5–0

EFL Cup continues tonight with eight more exciting games.