Djoković Moves Past Lendl on the All-Time World No. 1 Charts


Novak Djoković is still the best male tennis player in the world according to ATP rankings, and this is the 271st week that the Serbian superstar will spend at the number one spot.

The 32-year-old broke the tie with Ivan Lendl, who is now fourth with 270 weeks. Djoković also managed to move two spots in these all-time charts this month, after moving past Jimmy Connors (268) a few weeks ago.

Novak will now have to hold on to the top spot on the ATP ranking a few more months if he wants to become the all-time record holder, as the only two players above him are Pete Sampras (286) and Roger Federer (310).

However, this will be a difficult task for Nole, as Rafael Nadal is getting closer to taking over the world number one spot away from him. Namely, Rafa is only 640 points behind Djoković on the ATP rankings, and the change of the guard can very well happen next week in Shanghai if Novak underperforms and Nadal wins the title.

There is also a possibility that Roger Federer, who is currently third in the standings, could take over the top spot once again, extending his all-time record.

Most Total Weeks As ATP World Number One

  1. Roger Federer – 310
  2. Pete Sampras – 286
  3. Novak Djoković – 271
  4. Ivan Lendl – 270
  5. Jimmy Connors – 268
  6. Rafael Nadal – 196
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