Euro 2020 Qualifications – Czechia Beats England, Italy Confirms Group Win


There was plenty of action all across Europe this weekend in the Euro 2020 qualifications. With the final tournament being less than a year away, the qualifying rounds are slowly coming to an end, and we already know the names of several teams that made it.

Belgium already qualified after their 9–0 blowout of San Marino on Thursday, but they won on Sunday as well, beating Kazakhstan in Astana 0–2. Belgium is one of the only two teams who won all of their games in the qualifying rounds thus far. The other one is Italy, who also secured their spot in the championship after beating Greece at home 2–0. Finland, Armenia, and Bosnia are left to fight for the second spot.

Russia also qualified with a 0–5 victory in Nicosia against Cyprus. Turkey beat Albania, and France won an important game in Iceland after a Giroud penalty, so it’s likely that these two teams will proceed to the final tournament from Group H, while Iceland looks to fight in the playoffs.

Poland will be at the Euro as well after beating North Macedonia 2–0 at home. Austria is right behind them in Group G after securing a crucial win in Slovenia 0–1. It is likely that Slovenia and North Macedonia will be the teams who fight for a playoff spot in that group, as they both have 11 points after eight rounds of play.

Surprisingly enough, Norway managed to win a point against Spain in Group F after a 94th-minute penalty from King. They still have a shot at reaching the playoffs, but they will have to win against Romania in the next round. By beating Romania, they will also help their neighboring Sweden to stay second in the group, as they play Spain next.

The FIFA World Cup runner-up Croatia failed to secure their spot in the Euro after they only equalized against Wales (1–1). Now, the Croats will need a win or a draw against Slovakia in the last round. Hungary is right behind Croatia after they’ve beaten Azerbaijan.

Ireland played 1–1 against Georgia, while Denmark beat Switzerland to make things in Group D very complicated. Ireland and Denmark now have 12 points, while the Swiss have 8, but one less game played than the top two teams. Switzerland hosts Ireland on Tuesday, which might be their last chance to try and qualify directly for the final tournament.

A similar situation is in Group C, where the Netherlands and Germany have the top two spots, with Northern Ireland who are three points behind. The game in Belfast against the Dutch will likely be a deciding one.

Ukraine is almost booked for the Euro after their 2–0 win against Lithuania. Portugal needs to beat them to fight off Serbia who are third in Group B, and who are likely to take their chances in the playoffs.

England lost their first game of the qualifications to Czechia (2–1) on Friday, but are looking to retaliate and win in Bulgaria today to stay on top of Group A. Czechia must beat Kosovo next if they want to secure their spot in the final tournament next summer.

The qualifications continue on Monday and Tuesday, after which we will know several more participants of the Euro 2020. Stay tuned, as we will cover more qualifying matches in the next couple of days. You can check out the full standings here.