Hugo Lloris Out Until 2020 After a Horrific Arm Injury


After getting humiliated at home against Bayern Munich in the second round of the Champions League (2–7), Tottenham has suffered another convincing defeat, this time in the English Premier League.

However, the 3–0 loss at Brighton was not the only bad news for the struggling Spurs. Namely, their superstar goalkeeper and team captain, Hugo Lloris, went down with an injury after the first Brighton goal in the third minute of the match. Lloris was immediately substituted and went to the locker room, after which he was transferred to the hospital.

The news from this morning suggests that the Frenchman’s injury is much worse than anticipated. The awkward fall made Lloris dislocate his elbow, which will sideline him at least until the end of 2019. The doctors confirmed that there was some ligament damage and that the French goalkeeper won’t be returning to practice any time soon.

Tottenham is in a string of bad results in the last couple of weeks. They are currently ninth in the Premier League, while they only won one point in their first couple of Champions League matches. The Spurs also suffered an embarrassing loss to League 2 Colchester in the Carabao Cup.

The fans are getting impatient, and there are some rumors that the team’s manager Mauricio Pochettino will get replaced very soon. Some even say that Pochettino is the prime candidate to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the manager of Manchester United, another struggling team that’s in desperate need of change.

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