It Is Official: El Classico Postponed due to Violent Protests in Barcelona


El Classico is officially suspended! The match between Barca and Real, scheduled to take place on October 26 at Camp Nou, will be rescheduled. 

For several days, Barcelona saw outbreaks of violence as protesters set cars on fire and threw acid at police officers, following the ruling of Spain’s Supreme Court on Monday. The court sentenced several Catalan pro-independence leaders to jail, which caused furious protests across Catalonia. Hundreds of people chanting “freedom for political prisoners” and waving pro-independence flags took part in marches across Catalonia on Friday. 

The main protests are announced for the day when El Classico was supposed to kick off, so Primera decided to postpone the match. 

As neither Barca or Real couldn’t agree as to where the match should take place (Real demanded that it should be played in Madrid), the League has decided to reschedule it. 

Manager Ernesto Valverde was against switching the game to Madrid, as his team visits Slavia Prague in the Champions League on October 23, three days before El Classico had been scheduled.

The Spanish Soccer Federation announced the news on Friday morning and revealed the new date would be revealed on Monday, October 21, at 10 pm.

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