Novak Is Very Strong, but Rafa Has a Chance to Overtake Him


Nadal will return to the top of the ATP rankings on November 4, when points are deducted from last year’s Masters in Paris. Then, the Spaniard will be officially ahead of Novak Djoković, who reached the finals last season in Bercy. 

Tony Nadal has been promoting the tournament in Mallorca for the upcoming season and said that the Spaniard is getting better and will play soon. 

He felt some pain in his hand last week, but I think that it’s getting better by the day, Tony Nadal said. 

Rafa is likely to finish the year as the best player in the world for the fifth time. 

Novak is very strong, and he has now played on two tournaments after the US Open injury. Rafa is still questionable. However, I think now he has a chance to be the top-ranked player in the world. It will all depend on how he plays in Paris and London, Tony Nadal concluded. 

In the meantime, Rafa is preparing for the wedding with his long-time girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello, which is scheduled for October 19. 

The wedding ceremony will take place at Nadal’s hometown of Mallorca, and some of the names on the guestlist include Cristiano Ronaldo and Enrique Iglesias. 

Rafa and his future wife are trying to protect their privacy, so the guests will not be allowed to bring their phones with them during the celebration.  

After the celebration, Nadal is scheduled to play an exhibition match with Novak Djoković on October 24 at the Barys Arena in Nur Sultan. The hall in the capital of Kazakhstan can accommodate 11,000 spectators. Djoković’s participation in the event is still pending, as he might decide to take part in the ATP 500 tournaments in Basel or Vienna