Queensland Bulls Defeat Southern Redbacks in the One-Day Cup


Queensland Bulls completed a second straight win in the Marsh One-Day Cup to remain undefeated and at the top of the standings. The team from Brisbane managed to defeat Southern Redbacks in a near-perfect display and finished ahead by seven wickets.

Queensland ended up with 227/3 in 35.5 overs with a run rate of 6.33. On the other side, the Redbacks finished with 226/10 in 48.5 overs and with a run rate of 4.63. The bulls were also awarded a bonus point which will help them cement their place as the number one team in the competition.

Home team’s batters were up to the task from early on, with Max Bryant having 32 runs off 21 hits, and Sam Heazlet who managed to get another half-century of 51 runs off 42 balls.

The Bulls continued their dominance throughout the day, as the only Redback to perform a half-century was Tom Cooper (62) as a 9th wicket.

This was Queensland’s second win of the competition after they got the better of New South Wales in the first round. They are awaiting Victorian Bushrangers in the next match. The Redbacks will have a chance to get their first win of the Cup on Thursday as they face New South Wales.

We remind you that only the first two teams of the One-Day Cup will advance to the final. Each team will play five matches in the regular part of the season.

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Tarun Reddy
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