Will Liverpool Go Unbeaten in This Year’s Premier League?


Liverpool is currently having a season of their dreams, winning all eight games in the English Premier League and being eight points in front of their biggest rivals this year – Manchester City.

The team from Anfield has beaten Norwich, Southampton, Arsenal, Burnley, Newcastle, Chelsea, Sheffield United, and Leicester thus far. The 8-0-0 start is record-breaking for Liverpool. Including the end of the last season, Jurgen Klopp’s squad has now won 17 consecutive matches, and they only need one more to tie Manchester City’s feat from a couple of seasons ago.

However, the next game might be the one where the streak ends, as Liverpool plays Manchester United on the road. United has been struggling and are currently in the bottom half of the Premier League table, but are nevertheless a dangerous opponent who will surely be motivated to win against an old rival.

The question, however, is whether Liverpool could go unbeaten and win a golden Premier League trophy, a title that was only awarded once before to the Arsenal 2003/04 squad.

The season is very long, as there are 30 more games to be played. Also, Liverpool still hasn’t met Manchester City, a team that is most likely to beat them in the Premier League. Add that to the fact that the Reds are playing on two fronts, considering that they’re also defending the title in the Champions League, so going unbeaten for the year looks almost like mission impossible. 

The lack of depth in the Liverpool squad might be problematic if some injuries occur. Premier League is full of determined rivals who will be highly motivated to win some points against them, and the swing in form, which is natural for any team in football, could maybe cause Liverpool to slip and lose a game or two.


On the upside, Liverpool has an outstanding record on Anfield, as they recorded the last home defeat in April of 2017 to Crystal Palace. So with the squad of talented players, a well-organised coach, and a little bit of luck, seeing Liverpool win a golden trophy in spring is achievable. 

Their fans certainly hope so.